Sunday, September 6, 2015

Getting an HP scanner / multi function device to work in Peppermint

I have had a long standing problem scanning documents or photos with Linux (not just Peppermint).

You see, I have a Canon CanoScan LiDe 90, a model that is not supported by Linux. I spent a lot of time reading through forums and even trying a demo version of VueScan. It lists my scanner among the compatible ones, but unfortunately I could not get it to work. Well done for them to have a demo version, because if I had purchased the software and it had not worked - I would have asked for my money back.

I don't scan often, and I am able to use CamScanner on my phone if I have to, but sometimes it is a lot better to scan from a "real" scanner.

If it is a scanner only:

If you have an HP, this should work for you:

Click Menu >> Accessories >> Terminal
Type in: sudo apt-get install hplip-gui
press <ENTER>
Type in your sudo password and press <ENTER>
Press Y if prompted

Once it is installed, click on:
Menu >> Graphics >> Simple Scan

If it is a printer and a scanner:

You will need to install the printer first
Click Menu >> System Tools >> Printers
Click on Add
Select your printer from the list
Follow the prompts to install

Saturday, September 5, 2015

A great source for Linux articles

A website that I really enjoy for Linux news and articles is MakeUseOf.

As Linux use grows in popularity, tech websites are motivated to do more articles on Linux.

From apps, to distros to Raspberry Pi stuff - you will find it all here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to auto-enable Numlock on a laptop

If you have a laptop with a numeric keypad, you probably want Numlock to stay on. I got tired of pressing the button after every startup and went in search of the menu item for it. I did not find one, I searched further and found the answer:

Install numlockx.

Click on Menu >> Accessories >> Terminal
Type in:
sudo apt-get install numlockx
Press <ENTER>
Type in your sudo password and press <ENTER>
Click on Menu >> Preferences > Default applications for LXSession.
Click on the Autostart tab.
Under Manual autostarted applications, type numlockx in the box and click Add.

This is what LXSession configuration should look like, once you have made the change.

You can reboot to test, but it should work. It works on my Lenovo, but there are people that report that it does not work on their machines.