People who deserve a donation

Most people that are involved with Open Source projects don't get paid for their work. They put in many hours producing great software, answering emails from users and more while still working day jobs.

Here I would like to highlight a few people that deserve a donation for their hard work. I use their software and I want to make an effort to thank them (financially) for it. I remember the time before open source when you either bought or pirated software, today I can use world class software without having to pay for it (legally) and I feel that hard work should be rewarded.

I am not being paid to list stuff here, and I am not doing it to make you feel guilty either. Most of these people are so nice they won't ask you directly for money - but they need it to continue the work that they are doing. Consider donating, even if it's just $5 or $10.

On to the list:


Peppermint Linux
Because it is the Linux that I have used for the longest period of time. I have made a donation and plan to do so again.


Because apps are stuff you run on phones and programs you run on a PC - just kidding.

Because I use their software a lot, even it is is when I use Windows.

Because it saved me a whole days worth of work once, when I didn't have to reinstall & activate Windows, install all my programs; install Peppermint & set everything up. I plan to donate to them soon.

I bought a copy of Microsoft Office back in 2003, and thanks to the effort of OpenOffice and LibreOffice, I have never had to buy another. I plan to donate to them soon.

My media player of choice for mp3's to movie files. I am not a fan of software that catalogs your collection.

I need to update this list, please post your suggestions in the comments.