Thursday, April 4, 2013

Printing on Peppermint

This has been something new for me, because when my Epson photo print broke a few years ago I never bought a replacement. I printed at small copy shop and was very happy because I did not need a lot of prints.

Now I have a HP 1010 laser printer and wanted to share my getting started experience.

Plugged it in, Peppermint detected it and started downloading drivers. I printed a test page and all seemed well. Unfortunately it would not print from LibreOffice or Firefox. I searched the Peppermint forums and found a suggestion to print from a different program. So I tried the Document Viewer and was able to Print a PDF file.

When it does not print: The document is sent to the print que, and as far as the computer knows, it is printed. Which of course makes no sense to me as I am not a programmer.

I am investigating and will post an update as soon as I have found the answer.

Update: a reboot later my printing problems are over. Not sure what happened, but it's working.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Update on my Samsung Galaxy Pocket

My phone has once again started with it's old nonsense. So I have to accept that it is probably a hardware problem, or a glitch with the software that cannot be fixed to reloading it (reloading the software fixes it for about a week before trouble starts).

I have decided to stop trying to fix it. Instead I ripped out BBM out of my Blackberry 8520, which (although it is slow) has less serious flaws than this phone. Which is sad really as I like the Android phone more.