Thursday, April 4, 2013

Printing on Peppermint

This has been something new for me, because when my Epson photo print broke a few years ago I never bought a replacement. I printed at small copy shop and was very happy because I did not need a lot of prints.

Now I have a HP 1010 laser printer and wanted to share my getting started experience.

Plugged it in, Peppermint detected it and started downloading drivers. I printed a test page and all seemed well. Unfortunately it would not print from LibreOffice or Firefox. I searched the Peppermint forums and found a suggestion to print from a different program. So I tried the Document Viewer and was able to Print a PDF file.

When it does not print: The document is sent to the print que, and as far as the computer knows, it is printed. Which of course makes no sense to me as I am not a programmer.

I am investigating and will post an update as soon as I have found the answer.

Update: a reboot later my printing problems are over. Not sure what happened, but it's working.