Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm still here and still using Peppermint 2

I've been scarce for a while, but I am still here and still using Peppermint 2.

Of all the distro's I have tested on my EEEPC 407 G, it is the best. Everything has drivers and everything works. And it's small enough to fit on the 4 GB SSD HDD, which is also a bonus.

Although I can't do everything in Linux (sync my ipod - not because of software, but because my ipod has a 120 GB HDD and the EEEPC only has 4 GB) and update my Tom Tom GPS (which needs Windows) and I can't run Office 2010 for various reasons; but I must say that I can do most things on Linux.

Why Peppermint 2?

Let's review the things that stand out for me about Peppermint 2 and why I recommend it:


  • lightweight
  • fast
  • free
  • you can install any applications that run on Ubuntu (and there are thousands of them)
  • can play my movies, mp3's, podcasts and other media files
  • is can be customized 
  • can network with Windows computers, connect to my router at home or at work
  • did not have too steep a learning curve, as I still am not a Linux guru

So far I have broken Peppermint about 4 times and had to reinstall, but that was my fault and not the OS. Please be careful of using tips mentioned on this blog that pertain to Peppermint One or ICE when dealing with Two, they are different and it may harm your system.