Friday, June 22, 2012

A long overdue update

Hi there, its been a while.

I finally had time to download and try out ubuntu 12.04, and I have some comments.

Before that though, at the moment I am dual booting a Lenovo netbook (Windows XP and Linux Mint 12 Lxde) and I used unetbootin to create a bootable flash drive so I could test out Ubuntu. I have Mint set up just the way I like it and I wanted to test Ubuntu before reinstalling or formatting my netbook.

I have heard a lot of people ranting about Unity and I have some comments of my own. I don't like it, having a bar at the top of the screen makes my interface look more like a mobile phone or tablet than a computer (I usually reconcile both toolbars into the bottom one when I use Ubuntu - similar to the gnome interface Mint uses).

I really don't like having the close, maximize and minimize buttons hidden in the top left corner either. I am a creature of habit, you can invent someone to blame for that later. I like my interface gnome, I like a bar at the bottom showing which programs are open, and I like having the time in the bottom right corner. Switching applications takes longer (for me at least).

Now, on to what I like about the new Ubuntu. It detects that I need proprietary drivers for my wifi adapter and installs it automatically (something Mint 12 Lxde did not do), which was nice. I like the folder icons and the wallpapers that are part and parcel of this release as well.

From what I have heard, lots of people are moving away from Ubuntu to Mint and I am not prepared to go back to Ubuntu myself either. Hooray for choice! (And for Linux Mint!)

Just a final thought, if you are into Linux news check out and their Linux Outlaws podcast (with Fab and Dan) which is worth listening to.