Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Raspberry Pi Issue

Raspberry Pi
I've been reading a lot about the Raspberry Pi lately, then a few weeks ago I saw one at a technology expo. I promptly ordered one (for delivery 25 September 2012), then the next day cancelled my order, then decided to cancel that I had cancelled. Then I cancelled my order again.

I think the Raspberry Pi is great, but with an EEEPC lying around (with Ice Cream Sandwich on it) I can't think of a use (for me) for a Pi. Nevertheless, it's a great little thing.

If you (like me) are interested in the Raspi, then check these links:

Setting Up:

Raspberry Magazine:

Cases and case ideas:

Learn programming:

Getting your Raspberry Pi some WI-FI:,9303453

Projects for your Pi:

The Raspberry Pi Foundation:

Operating Systems for your Pi:
Debian, Arch, Puppy, Openelec

Enjoy the read!