Sunday, March 17, 2013

The downside of smartphones

As much as I love smartphones, there is a downside. I have had to factory reset and (format and) re install my Blackberry and I still need to do battery pulls regularly to keep things going.

Recently, my Android phone has started loosing network connection - still shows it is connected - so I need to keep phoning to check my balance or voicemail every hour or so, otherwise I miss calls (I use my phone for personal and business use).

It has been in to the Samsung dealers, and they reloaded Android for me. A week later it is doing the same thing again and needs to go back.

The more your phone can do, the greater the chance of software bugs and of things going wrong. I have been reading people's opinions of their new Z10 Blackberry phones and everyone is very upset when their brand new phone has software issues.

Think back to the days when phones were just phones, and software issues were almost non existent (except for Samsung phones). With every phone being slightly different manufacturers are challenged with making a stable operating system run on them.

Apple only releases 1 phone every year or so, and has a much easier time as all their time and effort going into that one phone. Samsung on the other end of the scale releases more than twenty phones a year (sometimes more) which makes the amount of time spent working on each of them significantly less than what Apple has time for.

Anyways, more of a rant than a post - I enjoy my Android phone more than my Blackberry for the accurate GPS and other features that it has and I miss being able to rely on it. Having all my contacts synced is another thing I miss (when my BB tries to do that it doesn't get it right and it ends up deleting some of its own contacts).

Phones and a love - hate relationship, for me at least.