Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Setting up a new PC: Windows vs Linux

I have some experience setting up new PC's. A new computer is never "instantly" ready to use.


  • Remove the trial version Anti Virus (normally McAfee)
  • Remove Wild Tangent trial version game pack
  • Decide on an anti virus to use, and install it
  • Decide on Office software and install it


(Granted, I am unable to purchase a laptop with Linux preinstalled. So this all happens after you have installed Linux)

  •  Update your system
  • No trial crapware to ignore
  • Some distros come with Office software, otherwise choose and install
Windows machines come preinstalled with all kinds of extras. Stuff you often could live without. Like Lenovo with Superfish, a company feels they can add to your system (normally because they can make some money out of it - I am sure that McAfee pays companies to have their software preinstalled), never with your best in mind. 

I love that Linux is not bundled with nonsense. Yes, every distro does have apps that they bundle together - but never anything like what Windows vendors do. 

I guess that companies will always do things that they feel they can benefit from. 

One exception is the Acer Build your own cloud. Building your own cloud with your desktop PC, that you can access even when your PC is turned off. If you need a file on your phone or tablet, the app reaches out and turns on your PC remotely. Although this might not be for everyone, in the time we live where cloud computing is becoming more important, this can be a very useful for a lot of people.