Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to add a "show desktop" icon

How to add a "Show desktop button" to the bottom panel and stuff up Conky in the process

If you do not use conky, having a "show desktop" button is great.

Right click on the panel
Click on panel settings
Click on panel applets
Click on Add
Scroll down, click on minimize all windows
Click Add
Click the up arrow to position it
Click close

WARNING: using this button will probably minimize your conky window as well! Once minimized the only way to undo that is to end the process and then to restart it.

Thanks to Google Search and the LXDE forum I was able to temporarily fix this, however - upon reboot conky had dissapeared.

Open the .conkyrc (hidden file, so click on view and then on show hidden files in PCManFM)
Make the following changes:
own_window yes
own_window_type dock
own_window_class conky
Save the file

Now click on menu, Preferences, Openbox configuration Manager
Click on the doc tab
choose the position for the conky window (most conky windows I have seen are on the top right hand corner)
Click the check box "allow windows to be placed in the dock space"
Click the dot next to Keep doc below other windows
click Close

The only thing that bugs me is the the conky window now has a background colour, which compliments the theme chosen in Openbox, oh well at least I am making progress.

As I said, this fixed the problem until I rebooted, if anyone has any advice please post it in the comments.