Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Viewing fonts in Peppermint ICE

Peppermint is a lightweight distro, that was meant for you to edit your documents with Google Docs or using Microsoft Office Docs. I am using it "incorrectly" or not "as it was meant to be done" by installing OpenOffice. So now I need to add some fonts as in Windows / Corel Draw I have around 3000 fonts.

Adding the fonts is easy:

Open PCManFm
go to your home folder
click on View > "show hidden"
make a new folder, rename it to .fonts
any font you copy into that folder will be installed (I think you need to reboot before it works)

But, let's say like me you have a + - 200 MB zip file on your flash drive with all your fonts on. You do not want want to install all the fonts, just some of them. The problem is that you can't view any of the fonts as Peppermint does not have a font viewer installed either.

I tried Google and found nothing, I searched for "font viewer peppermint linux" and a few other terms - but none were successful. So I went to Synaptic, typed in fonts and started looking through the thousands of packages that have to do with fonts (I was getting desparate here!).

I found fontypython and installed it. Voila! I was now able to view the fonts in a folder, just as I had wanted to for days. There is a very satisfying feeling when you are able to solve a problem on your own and this one was great.

This might not help a lot of other people, but to me it is great!