Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Two with Peppermint Two

So far so good with Peppermint Two. I have installed and configured Conky as well as Gnumeric (it runs faster on the small CPU).

What's different about Conky?
Setting up Conky was very different as the hidden config file is not in your home folder, it is located in:

It took me a while to find it (I'm still a linux newb), but having catfish (a search program) installed helped a lot.

What I like about Peppermint Two:

  • The default theme is nice, however there are only 2 wallpapers installed.
  • It uses half the amount of RAM in idle mode that Ice did.
  • Galculator (Ice did not have a GUI calculator installed by default)
  • Character Map (I had to install a font viewer with Ice)
  • Leafpad has been replaced with Gedit
  • PCManFM 0.9.9 (you can now copy & paste files with spaces in the file names without getting an error message)
  • Dropbox, on Peppermint Ice I was unable to configure Dropbox. Click on the menu item and a window appears and tells you to download it from the website. Click on OK, the program downloads and seems to work well. I am very glad that it works now :) 
  • Avi files and mp3 files play well, although I do not like the default mp3 player. I installed Audacious instead (it's a personal preference).
Changing default apps:
right click on the file you want to play, left click on properties. Adjust the settings listed at open with and click ok. Then double click on the file and enjoy.

Till next time.