Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peppermint Linux: Take 2

Peppermint Ice is no more. One and Ice have been combined into Peppermint Two, (which has been out for a while) which I downloaded last night and installed on my Eeepc 704G before going to work today.

I now have a 1 megabit ADSL connection at home, so the 455 MB ISO was not difficult to download. Using UnetBootin and an old Transcend 2 GB flash drive I made an install disk.

Differences between ICE and Two:
I am really not sure yet, I have not used ICE for a while and it will take a while for me to compile this list, but this is on my To Do list!

First impressions:
Two installed quickly, after a bit of initial trouble where it could not decide what size the / partition and swap partition should be. At 1,5 GB for the swap partition there was insufficient disk space to install Peppermint Two. I changed the sizes and installation went quickly and smoothly.

Installed programs:
I have installed GNUmeric (a program that I have come to like as it is small, fast and so fat does everything I need it to).

I now want to relearn how to use Conky, get some new desktop wallpapers, and generally test drive what Peppermint Two can do.

It is my favourite Linux distribution as it is small (so it fits well on the 4GB hard drive of my eeepc) and is fast.