Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to change Peppermint back to normal after making it look like MacOS

Remove Cairo from the list of apps that run at startup
Move the system tray back to the bottom
Right click the system tray, then left click Panel Settings
Click on Bottom
Click Close

Changing the theme:
Click Menu > Preferences > Customise look and feel
On Widget menu select Orion Peppermint
On Icon menu select the one on top
On the Mouse menu select Black or White

Changing _+X
Click Menu > Accessories >> Terminal
Type in:
xfwm4-settings and press <ENTER>
On the style menu, select Peppermint
Click and drag the _+x buttons to the right
Click close

Removing Cairo dock
Click Menu > Software Manager
Search for Cairo
Double click Cairo dock
Click Uninstall

Remove Cairo dock from auto starting:
Click Menu > File Manager
Click View > Hidden files
Right click on .config
Left click on Open as Root
enter your sudo password and press <ENTER>
Delete the Cairo file

Change your wallpaper and you should be all done.