Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some of the apps that I use

I like installing apps as I am not always connected to the Internet to run webapps.

A few programs that I install after installing Peppermint:
  • Uninstall Transmission, install Deluge as it has more controls / settings. If your ISP does not like torrenting, you might have to click on "use random port" so that every time you start the program a different port is used. I reached a point on Mweb, where my torrents ran so slow that they basically weren't downloading any more.
  • Uninstall all music players. Then I install VLC. I am experimenting with Clementine, but I don't like stuff that catalogs my music collection. In VLC I can click on Open Folder, and as my mp3 albums are in their own folders this works good enough for me.
  • Install Shutter for screen shots and remove the other screen shot tool. I like Shutter more because of all the different settings.
  • Install Multiget, as a download manager, because having Telkom as my ISP means that I randomly loose connection and my downloads fail. Multiget has a huge icon in the start menu, something I need to find out how to fix.
  • Install Skype and Teamviewer, because I use these sometimes.
  • Install Audacity, I edit audio files and this works great.
  • Install Liferea, as Google Reader is shutting down.
  • Install LibreOffice, which is excellent.

There was a time when I worked a lot with fonts, and installed FontyPython. This time round I haven't gotten around to working with fonts yet. At the moment I am trying to learn Scribus and Gimp, I found some good tutorials at ShowMeDo. They have tutorials for lots of different open source software.

Share the list of things you do after a fresh install in the comments.