Monday, February 28, 2011

Deleting Web Apps

Web apps are great when you have WIFI or ADSL with no Internet cap. However, in South Africa Internet of this kind is not cheap, so few people have it. I am currently one of them.

I don't use Web Apps on Peppermint. I installed Claws mail, Gpaint, VLC, etc. and don't want all the shortcuts in the Menu.

Navigate to the folder:
Run PCManFm and go to
/home/tienie/.local/share/applications (replace tienie with your username)
remember that to view the .local folder you will have to click on View > "Show hidden"
and delete the shortcuts you no longer want to have.

The change is almost immediate and your Menu is a lot neater having less unused icons.

I have not figured out how to move icons from one section of the Menu to the other, if anyone has any hints please post them in the comments below, thanks.