Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Peppermint ICE rather than Peppermint One

Well, that's an interesting question. I have actually had Peppermint One for a few months on my PC (lying around as an ISO file). I have tried various distros on my eeepc, and eventually have to uninstall Linux as the 4 GB drive is too small to install stuff like Ubuntu or Mint on (together with apps like Wine).

I have spent years trying to get to the point where I can actually use Linux for more than just browsing the web, to where I can work on it.

There are a few programs I can't live without you see. They are (in no particular order):
Office (be it Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.org)

Seems straight forward as Audacity, VLC and OpenOffice.org each have linux versions. The problem comes in with E-Sword. There is no Linux version and I absolutely need this application as it is the best I have found at what it does in ten years. So E-Sword is not negotiable.

Having a 4 GB HDD meant that with Ubuntu & Wine installed there was no space for E-Sword. Ubuntu after all, installs with loads of applications that fill up your hard drive and which I never used. It is after all a netbook, so I do not need CD burning software. Using synaptic to remove stuff always moaned that the software I was about to remove was an integral part of the system and used by some other software somewhere.

So back to the question, my friend Henry gave me a CD with Peppermint ICE on, after showing me how it looks. I was hooked. It is a small distro, which has the ability to download local applications. So far I have installed gpaint, gmountiso, OpenOffice (writer & Calc), Claws mail, Audacity, VLC, Play on Linux, E-Sword and I still have 1 GB of free space.

On this journey that we will undertake together, I will share with you the joys and frustrations of working on Peppermint Linux. At this point I must compliment the Peppermint OS forum, as everyone there that has answered my questions have given great answers (that worked too!).

This is my story, read it if you are at all considering using Peppermint Linux (One or ICE).

ps. ICE has Chrome loaded with a blue theme to the folder icons, while One has Firefox with a red theme and uses Mozilla Prism.