Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to remove flash drives

On Windows there is a little button on the taskbar (bottom right) where you can click to safely remove a flash drive.

I never worried about it, until I unplugged my flash drive and lost a whole days worth of work (in Windows). For some reason it had not saved properly, and I am not talking about just one file lost either. The files were simply not there.

In PCManFm you can right click on a flash drive and click on "Eject removable media", this however nevers works for me. I have also lost files when simply unplugging the flash in frustration on Peppermint.

Here is a safer ( and much longer) way to do it:

Click on Menu > Preferences > Disk Utility
(right click on disk utility if you want to add a shortcut to your desktop, you will need it later)
Click on your flash drive
On the bottom, towards the left is "Unmount flash drive"
(but if like me you have a 7" screen you can't see that part of the window, what now? hold down Alt, then click and drag the window higher, now you can see and click it!)
Higher up, and to the right is "Safe Removal" click it, you have now safely removed your flash drive, hard drive, cell phone, etc.

If there is an easier way, please post it in the comments.