Monday, July 22, 2013

2 Android apps to try

I don't regularly review Android apps here, but these 2 I have to mention.

To me this is the most useful app for Android. Being reminded every few minutes that I missed a call or SMS is very important (to me at least). Last Friday I spoke to someone who was also needing something like this and I was overjoyed to have found this app.

Going to be recommending this app to everyone I know who has an Android phone.

It's a free app.

I don't know many people who feel as strongly as I do about podcasts, but if you do - you will probably love this app.

You can download via WiFi only, and set podcast subscriptions to download automatically when using Wifi - which is great. I like the subscription tool, which can add rss links, search for a theme or podcast name or subscribe to one of the featured podcasts. Easy to use and very useful.

There is a free version and a donate version. Install the free version first. The free version is not limited, it does have adds though. Consider donating to the project if you like it, as it is cheap and very useful.

Found a great Android app recently? share it is the comments below.