Friday, July 12, 2013

NOOBS for the Raspberry Pi

When the Raspberry Pi first came out, there was only the long (complicated) way of loading software onto it. This proved difficult for some younger and less Linux experienced users. Enter the (sometimes controversial) NOOBS or New Out Of Box Software available from

It's controversial because some users feel that it's now "too easy" to load up your SD card; while others feel it's great for first timers and are all for it. Regardless what you feel about it there are people who appreciate it.

How to use NOOBS:

  • download a 1.1 GB zip file from here
  • formatting your SD card with this tool
  • check that the SHA-1 checksum of the download is: bdb61930b077dcefd22b36caaa9698bdf76b290d
  • (if you don't know how to, click here)
  • Unmount the SD card (open File Manager / PCManFM (LXDE distros), click the eject button next to your SD card) 
  • put it in your Raspberry Pi and boot into the graphical user interface
  • follow the prompts
Have you used NOOBS? Are you for or against it? Leave a comment and share your opinion with the world.